Caballo Farm

European Breeding at North American Pricing

Beauty - Balanced symmetry of noble proportions
Graceful Movement yet powerful
Elegance - Perfect unity of the human and horse
Character - Loyal, Cheerful, Talented, and Independent

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We are a small family farm located in Jasper, Ontario situated between the beautiful and sensational towns of Merrickville and Smiths Falls. We are dedicated to the breeding, care and training of the finest dressage and sport jumper horses. My wife must accept the responsibility of bringing the joy of horses and the people who love them into our life. Little did I realize that her desire to ride and then own a horse would bring us this far. She spent so much time at the boarding farm that I hardly saw her. To spend time with her, I decided to obtain a horse of my own and take lessons. This started us on the road to buying a new place, building a stable and an arena, and, of course, more horses. The purpose of this web site is to share our love of the horses. To share our happiness. To share our experiences. To share our knowledge and/or our lack of same.


We provide dressage lessons, training and leasing of horses.





From time to time we have horses for sale. They range in age from weaned foals to mature experienced dressage horses. In addition, we may have tack or other horse related equipment or supplies for sale in our tack room.

Written by Paul Oster on August 23, 2013.




There are circumstances where leasing a horse may be the best choice. For someone that has never owned a horse, leasing first can introduce the responsibilities without some of the expenses.   When learning to ride, leasing a horse can provide more time in the saddle to practice the new skills learned during the lessons.

Written by Paul Oster on August 12, 2013.




Our breeding program includes quality mares with impeccable bloodlines.

All of our mares are carefully selected to produce outstanding foals when

bred to Hanoverian, Oldenburg (GOV) and Canadian Warmblood stallions.

Written by Paul Oster on August 12, 2013.